Pet hospice


Pet Hospice in LondonWhen your pet is diagnosed of an incurable or chronic disease many questions arise. Pet hospice helps to keep your pet comfortable and in peace, educates the family on the stages of the disease and helps recognize any crisis or problem that may be related with the illness. Paliative treatments may be used  in non-fatal diseases that involve a loss of quality of life.

We will visit your pet to make him comfortable in terms of medication, treatments, nutrition, hygiene and nursing care, including training so you can do it on your own, to alleviate the symptoms of an incurable disease.

An important part is to evaluate the quality of life and to know when the time has come to let your pet pass away.

If you are not considering the possibility of euthanasia, we can provide you with ways of recognizing when your pet is in discomfort or pain, and provide pain relief if necessary.
On the other hand, if you prefer to offer a dignified departure to your pet, we will discuss all the options and we will prepare the family for this moment.
Pet hospice is focused on pets diagnosed with chronic diseases, cancer,  degenerative conditions and pets at the end of their lives.

We will provide open communication between our staff and the family to offer the best hospice care your pet deserves, and to prepare the family for the upcoming events.

Please give us a call or send us an email to receive advice about this matter.

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