Vaccination-londonVaccination protects animals against serious diseases wich can be in some cases fatal, or difficult to handle. The prevention of these diseases is essential for the health of your pet. We usually start the vaccination programme when your puppy or your kitten is 8 weeks old. The programme consist in two injections separated by 2-3 weeks in dogs, and 3-4 weeks in cats; followed by an annual booster vaccination. In the case of rabbits, we start the vaccination programme when the animal is 5 weeks old. After that, you will receive a vaccination card with all your pet’s details and when is the next booster or vaccination is due. This certificate is important if you are putting your pet into kennels, as many will not accept your pet unless you can show an up-to-date certificate. After the first course you should wait 5 days before letting your puppy go outside, to make sure the protection is set up.

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