Annual check ups

Regular checkups are an essential part of keeping your pet healthy. Pets age much more rapidly than humans and they can’t tell us when they are feeling unwell. This makes regular check ups for our pets the most important step in preventative health care. A regular veterinary examination ensures health problems are detected and treated early and more effectively. We are delighted to offer this service at the comfort of your home.

A “nose to tail examination” includes:

  • Ears, eyes and mouth, including the teeth.
  • The chest will be auscultated to detect any irregularities in the lungs or heart.
  • The abdominal cavity will be palpated to feel in the belly for changes in the organs like liver or bladder.
  • The limbs will be checked, including lymph nodes and the joints, for any indication of arthritis.
  • The skin will be checked looking for external parasites and also to examine the level of hydration.
  • The entire body will be felt over and examined for irregularities or growths.
  • Any particular areas of concern you have related to your pet’s health will be examined and discussed.


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