Minor procedures

Many minor procedures can be performed in the stress-free environment of your home. Therefore, pets are more relaxed and show normal behavior avoiding trauma and sometimes pain and illness when traveling to veterinary practice.


Blood sampling– Venipuncture

Blood tests can give us a wealth of information about the health of your pet. They provide an insight into the health of many organs, help detect disease. After the blood is drawn, we send the samples to the lab, and it usually takes one or two business days to get the results.


Blood pressure measurement by HDO

Taking blood pressure by HDO (high definition oscillometry) provides faster and more sensitive measurements. This procedure is essential for the treatment of different chronic diseases such as chronic kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, cardiovascular and cardiac diseases. Measurement results are more accurate when performed in the calmest environment. Therefore, there is no better place than your own home.



Urine collection can be very difficult in cats, especially if the urine needs to be collected without contamination.

Cystocentesis is routine veterinary procedure by which an uncontaminated urine sample is taken directly from the bladder with a needle.

This procedure is indicated at any time when urine needs to be evaluated using urine culture and sensitivity. The results can give an idea of hydration and kidney function, as well as indicate inflammation or urinary tract infections.


Anal glands express

Time to do it If your cat or dog is rubbing her butt on the carpet (“scooting”), or licking her bottom area obsessively, a pungent odor coming from your pet´s anus, and or brownish residue left where your pet was sitting.

It is a simple procedure, however, it requires experience and knowledge of veterinary anatomy. No sedation is required and the results are very satisfactory.



If your cat is overweight, old, or sick, you’ve probably noticed that it can’t reach some areas of its body to groom itself.

The mats can become uncomfortable and even painful for your cat. In some cases they may have skin infections.


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